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Swansea 2017

PART 1/3


Fresh Murals Co. was commissioned by Mcdonalds and NicheBrasil partnering with Vinewood Studios Ltd to create a short video for  Mcdonalds new Quattro Formaggi burger.

The brief was to work with the concept of Say Cheese to create a short video which drew attention to their new burger the  Quattro Formaggi and included an appetite appeal element.

“Cheese has always made people smile. And now it will do it four times more.Your video should explore the fact that cheese has always made and continues to make people smile. Everyone loves cheese and the combination of the four cheeses brings much more flavour to the sandwich. That’s the starting point for this content.”

It took us 4 weeks to create this video in which time we went through a design process to present different concepts, building a set , then the filming and production and finally the editing and post production.

We used a range of industry standard software tools to aid in the design and production.

Our initial concepts focused mainly on a hip hop style character accompanied by the phrase Say Cheese in a graffiti style.

We also explored the possible idea of using neon which is often used in signs and produces an unmistakable bright reddish-orange light.  After further discussions with the client they referred us to our work with Coca Cola and we suggested to do an indoor shoot which would hero the burger in a clean and professional manner.


Swansea 2017

PART 2/3


Our  creative direction reading the brief took this as a key direction to focus on the cheese and smile message. The concept used in the video focuses mainly on painting the Quattro Fromaggio burger on a large scale in a photo realistic style. This was accompanied by a short section of stop frame  animation where we painted the lettering Say Cheese and a smiley face which eats the Emmental, Mozzarella, Parmesan and melted cheddar cheese.

For this project we used mainly spraypaint as the paint medium but this was worked into with acrylic and paintbrushes to achieve the level of detail needed to give the illusion of a photo realistic burger.


Swansea 2017

PART 3/3


We see an artist standing at a blank canvas white wall getting ready paint.

We then see the artist paint the word “Say Cheese” very quickly and a Smile face under the text like an icon to press.

We then see the artist press the Smile Face icon which glows a little and smiles more to show interaction and the four cheeses magically appear to the right hand side in a stack or grouped together.

The cheeses disappear into the mouth of the smiley face.

We then see the artist paint the real sandwich in photo real fashion

The artist simply slides away and we are left with the sandwich as the final shot.

We are very happy with the final product it was well received by our clients and people have responded very well on the social media platforms.  At the time of writing the video has recieved 686k veiws and 2.3k likes .


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the creation of this video.

For any further information regarding this project or general enquiries, get in touch with James at Fresh Murals Co.



The Dylan Thomas Uplands Tour

Fresh Murals Co. was commissioned by Uplands Council in conjunction with Civic Motoring Services, Virgin Media and Envico Engineering to paint 10 utility boxes as part of the Dylan Thomas Uplands tour.

Swansea was once responsible for 50% of the world’s refined copper between 1830-1870. Fresh Murals Co.  thought it would be naturally fitting to use the colours found in Copper to reflect this Swansea history.

When copper oxidizes over time, a coloured patina develops that has its own peculiarities to it and is often used as a technique in modern art and jewelry.


For this Project Fresh Murals Co. used a copper background and Verdigris tones of Rivera  to depict iconic images of Dylan Thomas and relating subject matter.

The project was split into 2 sections with 5 boxes being painted with the Dylan Thomas signature and 5 boxes each with a more detailed stencil.

Fresh Murals Co. used a stencil style to replicate these images consisting of multiple layers to capture the depth and detail to represent a true likeness.

Outside of the Dylan Thomas house we painted a portrait of Dylan and a picture of Dylan’s childhood home. Continuing down the road to the entrance of Cwndonkin park we painted the water fountain which featured in the poem The Hunchback in the Park, We also painted Captain Cat from Under Milk Wood in Brynmill Swansea.

These art works will be accompanied by a series of wooden plaques, featuring Quick Response Codes (QR), which once scanned by smart phone, activate and and link to a website featuring details of the life of Dylan Thomas.

The trail will be finished by May 14th next year to celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day.

Uplands councillor Peter May, who with Uplands colleague Irene Mann  helped jointly fund the project from their community budgets,  Peter said: “The images have been commissioned by a local artist, and we thought as well as funding issues such as yellow lines or residents parking bays, it would be good to do something to brighten up the area.

“It is our contribution to the Dylan Thomas trail, and a contribution to the City of Culture bid.

“It is a good selling point for the Uplands.”

Graffiti party

It was our first time running a graffiti themed birthday party workshop in the Humphrey Lane Studios Swansea. We now have access to a gallery space that is perfect to accommodate graffiti workshops.

Fresh Workshops Co. packages start at £150 and this was based on 10 young people for 1 hour 30 mins with all  materials and teaching included. (They also get to take their artwork home on individual boards.)


Fresh Workshops Co. have been working with various organizations around the U.K on art based projects with people of all ages and abilities for the past decade.

All artists are DBS checked and have comprehensive public liability insurance.

Most graffiti workshops would be run collaboratively on 4ft x 8ft boards choosing a 3-5 letter word. An average session would include a brief history of modern graffiti covering different styles and techniques.

Depending on resources and groups sizes this would dictate a collaborative or individual piece.

We are able to provide risk assessments on request.

We can run an Agora and academy of creative arts accredited certificate

We can tailor each workshop to what you would like to achieve from the sessions, we’re happy to discuss and develop fresh and exciting ideas for the project.

This workshop started with a brief history of graffiti and street art including a sketching session to plan out the designs.

We then moved on to teaching the basics of using a spray can and by  the end each individual had created their own piece of graffiti art they can take home  on 2ft x 4ft boards.


We are very passionate about our workshops and the positive role art can have in society, we teach the essential skills to develop your own graffiti art. Like all disciplines practice is essential to develop you skills.

 If you are looking for Graffiti Workshops in the Swansea area Fresh Workshops Co have an available studio space in Humphrey Lane or we can come to your venue. There are many different options so it is best to Contact us with your ideas.

Please email info@freshworksops.co.uk with any questions and we will be happy to get back to you.